Allergies. Many of us our plagued with them year after year with no end in sight. It is like a revolving door that we would just like to get out of and run from as fast as we possibly can. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. So, instead of pumping yourself full of over the counter or prescription allergy medication try out my allergy tea! I put this together from knowing all too well about the ailments of allergies. This tea is a combination of Nettles, Ginkgo, Elder Flower, Astragalus and Spearmint! Try it out today :)


Nettles is such a great herb in the many things it does. It is such a versatile herb. In treating Allergies though, it works as a very strong blood cleaners and booster. Basically, it works from the inside to boost and nourish your body while cleaning out the toxins that are lying around. Not only that though, it is a known anti-inflammatory that helps reduce any inflammation associated with allergies. 

Ginkgo is a huge antioxidant! It works with the blood to again, purify. It improves circulation and overall works great with the circulatory system to improve it as a whole. It really helps build up your bodies inner workings to help with reactions that allergies may cause such as hay fever.

Elder Flower has so many essential vitamins in it that our body desperately needs. On top of being extremely nutritious to our bodies, it is also packed full of antioxidants. It is yet another herb that works to clean out the toxins in our bodies and replenish our bodies with necessary vitamins to help it fight off future issues. 

Astragalus is probably one of my favorite herbs! First off, it works directly with the adrenal gland to build it up and support it. On top of building up the adrenal gland (which is essential to our everyday living), it also works hand and hand with our immune system. Allergies are often times caused by a break in our immune system. By strengthening the immune system, you are giving your body the first line of defense not only again allergies but also everything. Astragalus is also anti-inflammatory, which helps easy symptoms of allergies and supports healthy blood flow.

Spearmint is a warming herb that works directly as a blood cleanser and booster. It helps clean out toxins by promoting sweat. Furthermore, it is also an anti-inflammatory!


This is loose leaf tea in a small bakers bag. This bag will make several cups of tea. Bring roughly 8 oz of water to a boil and pour over the tea ball. Let sit for 20-25 minutes then drink.

As a preventative drink one cup daily. If allergies are persistent drink a cup as needed throughout the day up to 3 cups. Children can drink up to 2 cups daily.

*This product has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. It is not meant to cure or diagnose.

*Do not take while pregnant. 

Allergy Tea

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