We have all been there. Racing thoughts. Stress. Stress. More Stress. Over active minds. Uncontrollable anxiety or depression. ADD. ADHD. I think we all have either been affected by or know someone that has been affected by any of the above. What most people do not know is that the medication often prescribed for these things work against the minds natural wiring system. They shut down the nerves by causing them to sleep so they don't receive the messages. In a sense, the brain is getting completely rewired. Herbs work differently. All the herbs in this tea work to nourish and feed the nervous system to help strengthen it to be able to deal with the mentioned above. It isn't a miracle tea. Most people that have these things going on would benefit from an herbal consult to see where the root of the issue is. However, herbs are a great start! This tea is highly effective and is used by adults and kids alike! It is definitely a favorite in my household :). 


Skullcap is a beautiful herb that is specifically meant to help with racing thoughts, anxiety and nightmares. It is a very gentle nourishing herb that works as a nerve sedative that gently encourages sleep and relaxation by nourishing the peripheral nerves and muscles. 

Catnip, believe it or not, is one of the absolute best herbs for helping calm a person (or dog). The actual herb itself is so great with quieting the mind, due to it being a nerve sedative. In other words, it helps nourish the nervous system and relax it at the same time. 

Lemon Balm is a very gentle herb that has been known to protect the brain from over excessive stimuli. It works as a nerve sedative which works directly with the nervous system to help reduce pain, ease tension and encourage sleep. It doesn't encourage sleep by making you tired, but rather by nourishing the peripheral nerves and muscle tissue. 

Chamomile is what is known as a nerve tonic. It directly strengthens the nerve tissue. It works to help extend a relaxing effect on the entire nervous system and works as a very mild sedative. In other words, it calms the actual nervous system to allow anxiety, ADD, ADHD, and Depression to take a back seat.


This is loose leaf tea in a small bakers bag. This bag will make several cups of tea.  Bring roughly 8 oz of water to a boil and pour over tea ball. Let sit for 15-20 minutes and then drink. It can be drank cold.

As a preventative drink one cup daily. To help alleviate symptoms, for both children and adults drink as needed during the day. Do not exceed 3 cups for children.


*This product has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. It is not meant to cure or diagnose.

*Do not use while pregnant

Anxiety and Depression Tea

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