Most of us are no stranger to Anxiety or Depression. In fact, studies show that over 40 million people have been diagnosed in the United States with Anxiety and an estimated 14 million people live with depression. There are definitely differing levels of both. Some people may just have mild anxiety that consists of not wanting to be in crowded places etc. Others may suffer to the extent that they cannot leave their homes. On the same coin, there are differing stages of depression as well. Some people just get the blues, while other people may be suicidal. It is extremely important to gauge where you are and what is going on so that you can fully be treated. As an herbalist, our goal is to get to the root of the issue and solve it from the inside out. Many people don't realize that the medication prescribed for both of these illnesses work to shut down the nerves essentially. They work to block the messages and put the nerves to sleep. They are re-wiring the brain. Herbs on the other hand work with the nervous system to help nourish it and build it up. They don't re-wire your brain, but instead strengthen it so that you can better cope with what is going on and why you are having those feelings. Yes, there are various reasons why people suffer from these, however most of the time it is just a warning signal that your nervous system is in distress. Herbs work to fix that! While I definitely feel as though people that suffer from these could benefit from a total herbal consult to work from the inside out, herbs are a FANTASTIC place to start! This is absolutely one of my favorite teas! 





St. Johns Wort as many of you know is an AGE OLD remedy for treating both anxiety and depression. It is known as a nerve sedative in the herb world. What this means is that it works directly with the nervous system to help encourage sleep and ease tension. It doesn't encourage sleep by shutting your brain down, but rather it works to nourish and sooth the peripheral nerves and muscle tissue. 

Skullcap is a beautiful herb that is most well-known for working directly with the brain. While it helps increase blood flow and generally strengthens the nervous, it is also known as a "calming" herb. It also works as a nerve sedative.

Lavender is a very gentle herb that works with the brain to help relieve stress and to bring an overall soothing calm to the body. It works as a sedative to help calm nerves naturally, but also as a very effective anti-depressant by helping lift the overall mood.

Chamomile is another age old remedy for bringing on a calming energy to the body. Very gentle in nature, it works wonders when it comes to not only nourishing the body as a whole by boosting the blood and cleansing the system, but it also promotes overall release. It is what is known as a nerve tonic. It works directly with the nerve tissue to help strengthen it. 



This is loose leaf tea in a small bakers bag. This bag will make several cups of tea. To prepare, boil roughly 8 oz of water and pour over the tea ball. Let sit for 15-20 minutes and then drink. You can store and drink cold as well.


As a preventative you drink 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup in the evening before bed. Drink as needed throughout the day to help alleviate anxiety/depression.


*This product has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. It is not meant to cure or diagnose.


*This cannot be taken if you are already on medication for anxiety, depression, bipolar etc..

Anxiety and Depression Tea (NOT SAFE with SSRI MEDS)

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