This is for both a chakra reading and healing combined. This type of reading works to focus on your chakra centers. This type of reading will identify blockages, stagnate energy, physical issues and anything holding you back from moving forward. While rare, this type of reading will also identify if any thing is attached to your energy. 

Once the reading is completed, we will then go over what I will be doing to remove anything that I find and how to best approach bringing healing, flow, and positive energy to those chakras. 

This is a two part process. The reading will come first and the healing will come second. Once the healing is performed, we will discuss how to move forward from there. :)

The reading and follow up is done by email. 



*You can select delivery options below to expedite your reading*

RUSH is for a guarenteed 24 hour delivery or your money back.


Chakra Reading and Healing


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