With Cold and Flu season on our doorstep, it is no secret that we are all trying to escape it in any way possible. Unfortunately, due to the fast paced lifestyles that most of us lead our immune systems are compromised and we end up getting sick despite what we do. In most of us, our bodies are depleted of some of the most basic vitamins and minerals. We don't realize it until we are out of commission for a week with pneumonia, bronchitis, or even better the flu! While this tincture can work as a preventative, its main purpose is to ease and fight the issues once you have contracted them. The combination of herbs in this tincture all work together to help give your body the tools that it needs to fight off whatever is going on and help replenish your body naturally so that you won't have issues again. This tincture consists of Mullein, Elder Flower, Thyme, Elecampane, and Cinnamon.


100 Percent Organic Mullien, Elder, Thyme, Elecampane and Cinnamon. Purified Water. Organic Glycerin.


Adults take a dropper full as needed while experiencing symptoms. Children take half a dropper full as needed while experiencing symptoms (Do not exceed 3 dropper fulls a day)

*This product has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. It is not meant to cure or diagnose.

Cough and Congestion Tincture

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