It is absolutely NO secret that this flu season has been absolutely horrifying. Many of us spend our days indoors either fighting off illnesses or afraid that we will catch something if we go out! Since my oldest son started school, I wanted something that would really boost his immune system so that he would be able to fight off the awful pool of germs that is an elementary school. Due to that, my immui-boost syrup was born! Not only is this syrup HIGHLY effective in boosting someone's immune system, it also tastes GREAT! (Trust me, my kids LOVE it). Due to the honey used in it (which honey is also medicinal), it is extremely palatable! Don't let this winter be another winter of dread and ick! Boost your immune system now with this great tasting syrup and be set for the winter! 


Elderberry. For centuries elderberry has been known as a very strong immune booster. Not only is it an extremely beautiful immune booster, but it has also been proven to help treat and shorten colds, flu, and upper respiratory infections!

Echinacea Root. Echinacea is no stranger to most households. Like Elderberry, it has been used for centuries to help support and strengthen the immune system. Essentially, it directly feeds your immune system to prepare it to fight off whatever may come its way. 

Honey. Yes! Beautiful, natural honey is a beautiful medicinal sweetener that people often don't think about as being used to help treat colds and flu. You have probably heard your parents or a grandparent mention taking honey, especially during an upper respiratory infection because it soothes coats and has anti-viral properties! Not only is it medicinal, it tastes GREAT! 


As a preventative take a full dropper daily.

If sick: Adults take 3 droppers daily until recovery. Children take 2 droppers daily. 

*This product has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. It is not meant to cure or diagnose.

Please note, Syrups DO NOT last long.

Elderberry Syrup

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