All of us have unfortunately fallen victim to the awful storm that is a migraine. Whether you have full out migraines that consist of nausea, dizziness, light sensitivity, head feeling like you are bashing it against the wall pain Or just a few of the above; it is safe to say that NONE of us enjoy migraines. As I watched many of my friends and family suffer from migraines (luckily I don't get them too often), I knew I had to come up with an alternative to the over the counter medicine everyone goes running for in a desperate attempt at relief. This beautiful recipe came to me while working one day and thus this awesome tasting, extremely beneficial tea was born!




Ginkgo is known as the brain's herb. It has several beautiful qualities about it that help on SO many different levels. Basically, when working with a migraine it helps increase blood flow to the brain to help bring down swelling and inflammation that may be causing the pesky migraine to hang on. 

Feverfew has been trusted for centuries and is definitely well known for its ability to help prevent migraines. When working to prevent migraines, it is believed to help stop spasms, stops blood vessels from contracting and reduces inflammation. 

Skullcap is another amazing herb that is known to work directly with the brain. Mainly used to help calm nightmares and just bring an overall calm. It absolutely helps in the relaxing of the muscles to help shorten the length of a migraine as well as help keep the pain under control.

One of my all-time favorites, lavender, is extremely calming and soothing when it comes to a tea. It is also another herb that has been used for centuries in helping calm down migraines. Many people choose to use the essential oil when it comes to lavender, but for me I feel that taking it internally not only helps sooth the overall system but it definitely helps take the edge off of a nasty migraine. 




This is loose leaf tea in a small bakers bag. This bag will make several cups of tea. Bring roughly 8 oz of water to a boil and pour over tea ball. Let sit for roughly 15-20  minutes and then drink. This can be drank cold as well.


As a preventative drink one cup a day. To help alleviate symptoms during Migraine drink as needed until symptoms subside.




*This product has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. It is not meant to cure or diagnose.

Migraine Tea

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