All of us have unfortunately fallen victim to the awfulness that is a migraine. Whether you have full out migraines that consist of nausea, dizziness, light sensitivity, head feeling like you are bashing it against the wall pain Or just a few of the above; it is safe to say that NONE of us enjoy migraines. As I watched many of my friends and family suffer from migraines (luckily I don't get them too often), I knew I had to come up with an alternative to the over the counter medicine everyone goes running for in a desperate attempt at relief. This beautiful recipe came to me while working one day and thus this awesome tasting, extremely beneficial tincture was born!


100% Organic Ginkgo, Feverfew, Skullcap, and Lavender. Purified Water. Organic Glycerin.


As a preventative take a dropper full daily. Children take a half dropper full daily. During a migraine/headache: Adults take a dropper full every half until symptoms subside (up to 3 dropper fulls). Children take every hour until symptoms subside (up to 2 dropper fulls)

*This product has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. It is not meant to cure or diagnose.


Migraine Tincture

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