Angela has worked for many years using, moving and shifting energy to bring healing into people's lives. As she has grown and expanded not only her own gifts but also her knowledge in several different religions and followings; she started working with energy, herbs, the moon, candles and stones to shift energy and bring healing. The type of work Angela does will NOT interfere with free will. In other words, she will not do anything that will go directly against what someone truly wants. Angela will also not do any kind of work that will create a negative effect in someone's life. Angela only works with light energy and will not do anything that will bring harm etc. She promotes healing, peace, growth and positive movement in people's lives. The cool thing about having healing work with Angela is that she will definitely let you know if it isn't for you or your situation or she feels that it will not work. She is very upfront, honest and clear about what to expect from any of her healing work. Paired with her psychic readings, Angela can work to bring healing into every person's lives and into most situations. If you have something in mind that is not listed, shoot her a message and ask!