The Apothecary

Along with performing psychic readings, Angela took an interest in herbs several years ago when her daughter had a diaper rash that just was not being cleared up by anything. She read somewhere that Slippery Elm often helps clear up diaper rashes, so she gave it a try. Within hours, the rash was completely gone. From that point, Angela started studying. Most of her training came from New England where she spent many years shadowing many different, talented, beautiful herbal pioneers. She is also currently furthering her studies through the Herbal Academy. Anytime she is given the opportunity to expand on her education to provide the best possible care to her clients, she does! The Apothecary is unique in the fact that Angela not only uses her knowledge from her studies but also her intuition to tailor a tea, tincture, salve etc.. directly to your needs! Angela only used organic products. Her goal is to be able to teach those she works with what it means to truly be healthy. Mind, body, and soul.